Postpartum Support Minnesota

PPSM is the Minnesota state chapter for Postpartum Support International. PPSM strives to connect families and professionals to support resources. PPSM offers peer support (peer-to-peer and access to a private Facebook group), virtual support group, postpartum doula program, resources for perinatal specialists, and information about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

Postpartum Support International

PSI is an organization that is dedicated to promoting awareness, prevention, and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing. PSI provides multiple resources including a provider directory to locate a perinatal specialist in your area, online support groups, peer mentor program, supportive resources, and more.


MotherToBaby is a trusted source of evidence-based information on the safety of medications and other exposures during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. They specialize in answering questions about the safety/risk of exposures, such as medications, vaccines, chemicals, herbal products, substances of abuse, maternal health conditions and much more, during pregnancy or breastfeeding. MotherToBaby provides access to resources, blogs, podcasts, and free contact with health professionals.

Minnesota Neonatal Foundation

The Minnesota Neonatal Foundation strives to make improvements to the NICU environment—creating a space of healing and comfort for families during this stressful time. Minnesota Neonatal Foundation offers peer support (Parent Connect - virtual parent group), an annual NICU Reunion to connect with other NICU parents, and various pop-up events for parents. Stay up-to-date on events for parents on their Facebook page.


Hand to Hold is a national nonprofit dedicated to providing neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) parents with personalized emotional support, educational resources and community before, during and after their baby’s NICU stay. NICU support is available at no cost to NICU parents. Hand To Hold provides one-to-one support and support groups, podcasts, counseling, loss and bereavement support, peer mentor support, and a Hand to Hold mobile app for iPhone, Android, and desktop.


Empowers parents to understand and encourage their baby’s development to keep them on track or catch potential delays early. Pathways provides free tools to maximize all children's motor, sensory, and communication development.


PreeMe+You empowers parents by harmonizing NICU care and communication to produce your preemie’s best health outcomes. PreeMe+You is a social benefit health startup working to improve premature infant health and developmental outcomes. They create neonatal interaction and communication tools that positively shape parent-infant relationships and parent-medical team partnerships for improving long-term health and quality of life outcomes for preemies and their families. Their PreeMe App supports NICU parents from admission to discharge.


A program within PSI bridging the gap in perinatal support services to better support families and providers of color. They provide virtual support groups and resources for mama’s of color.

Instagram Accounts

Licensed Therapy Content

Kayleigh Summers LCSW

Kayleigh is a licensed therapist who provides a community for all things perinatal trauma. She provides validation for your birth trauma experience through her posts, education, newsletter, podcast, and resources.

Heidi McBain,LMFT

Inna is a licensed therapist who creates real mom life content to help mothers feel seen, with a touch of mom humor to help you enjoy motherhood.

Inna Kashani, LMFT

Heidi is a licensed therapist who creates content related to supporting your mental health throughout your motherhood journey. Heid offers therapy and coaching to moms and moms-to-be, as well as courses, books, and other resources.

Occupational, Physical, and Art Therapy

Katie | NICU Therapist

Katie is a NICU occupational therapist who shares content related to development, positioning, sensory, bonding activities, and other NICU related topics to educate and support parents while their infant is in the NICU.

Deana | Doctor of Pedi PT

Deana is a pediatric physical therapist who provides education and tips to help you support your infant’s physical and motor development.

Brittany | Pediatric PT

Brittany is a pediatric physical therapist who equips and empowers parents to confidently foster motor development. She provides free resources and guides to conquering developmental milestones.

For the BIPOC Mamas

Emily and Abbie | Art Therapist + SpEd Teacher

Emily and Abbie use their expertise in art therapy and Special Education to provide education and resources on sensory play and family emotional wellness. They have developed free sensory play kits and curated a list of mindful books to read with your children.

Monica | Childbirth Educator

Monica shares content related to empowering BIPOC mamas to have the birth and postpartum experience they want and deserve. Her website linked in her bio provides many great resources and information for mamas.

Sleep + Play Advice

Taking Cara Babies | Baby and Toddler Sleep Expert

Cara is a neonatal nurse and baby sleep expert who provides useful tips and education on naptime and bedtime related topics, as well as other infant related topics.

Hannah | Baby Play Hacks

Hannah provides easy, engaging, and inexpensive play ideas for little ones 0-24 months using everyday objects. Play is an important activity to support children’s developmental, social, and sensory development.

Online NICU Communities

Our Little Preemie

An Instagram community page where families share their NICU stories and experiences.

Dear NICU Mama

Offers letters, education, and encouragement for past and present NICU mamas. Dear NICU Mama community resources include a podcast, private Facebook group, and a blog.

Our Little Preemie

A NICU platform that strives to connect, support, and celebrate NICU families through peer support, parent mentoring, counseling, care packs, and events.

Phone Apps

For NICU Families

Peekaboo Boo ICU

The Peekaboo ICU PREEMIE App is an invaluable tool made specifically for parents of preemies. Designed to inform, inspire, and engage parents as they navigate their way through the NICU. Peekaboo ICU PREEMIE offers parents an empowering and educational guide to prematurity, helping to reshape the preemie parent experience from day one.

The MyPreemie App for Preemie Parents

The March of Dimes My NICU Baby App provides answers, tools and support, so you can focus on your baby during what is often a difficult time. Learn about NICU staff, policies, equipment, and terminology on your own schedule. The app has been developed and designed by experts to help you advocate for the best care for your baby.

My NICU Baby

MyPreemie App was created by experts and parents through Graham’s Foundation, and is designed to inform, comfort, organize, and engage preemie families to promote parent well-being and engagement in the NICU and beyond.

For All Mamas

Mama-Daily Self Care for Moms

Daily affirmations, meditations, and self-care guides to help you reclaim your day and thrive in the midst of motherhood.


Science-based relaxing Mindpower Audio Sessions that merge meditation, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness techniques that are guaranteed to positively transform not just how you feel but improve your parenting skills as well.

Mindful Mamas: Relax & Sleep

An all-encompassing mental wellness app designed to address the unique challenges of motherhood. It includes self-directed emotional wellness tools such as mindfulness, meditation, and self-care support.


Hand to Hold | NICU Now

Tackles tough subjects including guilt, grief, and information to help parents care for their premature babies.

Hand to Hold | NICU Dad Discussions

NICU dads share their stories to help other dads know they are not alone.

Hand to Hold | Beyond the NICU

Designed to support parents after discharge, and serves as a reminder you are not alone wherever you are in your NICU journey.

Dear NICU Mama

Hosts interviews with trauma-informed medical and maternal mental health experts and shares vulnerable interviews with NICU mamas with the hope of reminding NICU mamas they are not alone on their own healing journey.

The Mom Room

Challenges parenting practices, asks the hard (and sometimes awkward) questions, tackles taboo topics, and says what all moms are thinking.

Betches Moms

Hosts share stories and insights, interview guests, and have honest conversations about what it’s like being and becoming a mom.

The Mom Hour

Practical tips and real-life encouragement for moms who want to enjoy motherhood more, and cut back on comparison, worry, and stress.

Moms on Call

Hosts discuss the fun and not so fun parts of parenting using their 27+ years of pediatric nursing and parent support experience.

The New Mamas Podcast

Created for first-time moms with the goal of giving them a voice to have honest conversations about their journey into motherhood.